Finding Peace and Serenity

Our Existence Is Finite, Therefore, Our Knowledge Should Be Infinite.


I am here to experiment with myself.

It is needless to say that I am new to the aloofness of blog writing. I will do my best to pick and ponder at my own subconscious and what it is that brings out my inner audaciousness. In a time of extremism of the lewd and crude, I am making a sentient effort to remain calm and even sane. I want to stay serene and peaceful, not only within my own minds eye, but I also want to create an atmosphere that is safe and inviting for people that, too, want to find a refuge from the barbarous and brutish purgatory that we are supposed to survive though until our souls have finally succumbed to the torturous and manipulative world that we live in and finally escape into the cosmos. I can’t wait until the day where we can all explode into a new form of reality that is far beyond our mental capacity.

I want this to be a sanctuary for those of us who beg and yearn for it. I don’t want hatred here. I want nothing to do with what that wicked and monstrous human world outside of this place of peace. I have been angry for so long. I no longer wish to be angry.

I want to start with a quote that helps me when even I can’t find any hope in the worldly simulation that our souls reside in.

“You develop an instant global consciousness; a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a bitch’.”

– Edgar D. Mitchell

My name is Christine.



I am nothing, if not ready for this journey.

You stand at the edge of nothingness with a blank stare at the abyss. There is no emotion seeping though your soul, just the cold and stoic, never ending stand off between yourself and the void of eternity. You are nothing, if not ready to start this journey. You stand erect, head held high, and feet eager to run. You close your eyes with ease, knowing that no harm will come to you. You deeply inhale gathering all of existence within the core of your lungs and release with an all knowing power flooding within the marrow in your bones. You open your eyes to see a sight around you; a dirt path stretching farther than the pupils in your eyes can comprehend and a pitch black sky littered with billions of stars bending into the atmosphere above you, no moon or northern lights, just… stars. It is very dark, little to no light, other than what can be seen from the random patterns and pictures made within the little specs of illuminated planets and great giants of fire. You are careful not to become dazzled by such an astonishing image, and keep your wide-pupiled eyes focused on the endless road ahead. With another inhale you feel something in your dominant hand; a light of some kind, unknowing of it’s previous whereabouts or existence. You know nothing about it, other than to turn it on and point it to the never ending path ahead of you. You try not to doubt your guiding light, you try to keep your mind free and empty; you need your mind to be free and empty. You can not have any doubt within your guiding light.

You are to walk this path.

It will take you to where you need to go.

You take that first step, pressing the sole of your bare foot into the soil of this unknown world. Your weight vibrates the ground from under you. Your legs shake and wiggle in question. ‘Are we ready for this?’ –  they ask you.

The very thought just grows the strides in your walk.

Off you go.

Time passes. It feels like days- weeks. There is no sign of a dawn in the horizon. There is no moon, after all. You begin to start to look around. Pointing the light in your hand a little ways off the path, what do you see? Maybe grassland, maybe water, maybe sand? Nothing at all? This should pay no matter for you. You have a destination. You have started this journey, and you are to finish it. You have not asked for this journey, and yet here you are. There is no choice but to continue on- on to the path in front of you.

Every time you shine your light away from your path, something catches your eye. What could it be? Clothing? Fresh water? A Pen? Bread? Shoes? A soft place to rest? All are tempting. But everything inside of you tells you to carry on. Do you carry on? You you pause? Every time your feet cease in their path, the destination seems to stretch further and further. Your eyes slowly blink in awe at their picture. You start to grow weary. What do you do?

Do you stop to enjoy something that you need? Do you stray from the path? You have traveled a long way. You are tired. You deserve it, after all. You are traveling a long way. You did not ask to take this journey, yet here you are. You deserve rest. You deserve food. You deserve water. What is the harm?

But everything inside of you tells you not to. Everything inside of you tells you to keep going. Everything outside of you says otherwise. Which side do you listen to?

Will you stop?

Or will you continue?